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RIP to my hairline…

Remember when I introduced you to Fuck,(my hair’s name) well me and Fuck have been having issues as of late.

Reading this blog thing, if people do, you’ll know I’ve been travelling. When I travel I usually opt for braids, it’s more practical in so many ways.

So I did my usual medium sized briads…. and they were only in for 3 weeks?!!! So I really don’t understand. I would have worn them the whole time I was here but on inspection,

I had to take them down. MY hair was shedding/breaking… whatever it was a lot of it was falling out.

So I’ve had it out for about 2 weeks, and at first it wasnt doing too badly, I noticed it looked thinner, but today after wash day yesterday I saw my hairline and my hair quality and I was really baffled. 1) my curl pattern is looser, I don’t know how this happened. 2) IT’s dry, I did my regular moisturize and seal but to no avail. 3) it seems to have really shed in some areas.

It’s is quite disheartening, especially my hairline. If I’m going bald… fuck. HAHA my head shape will probably look like my brothers. …..catastrophic.

Anyway I aim to tweek somethings in my diet and see if it works.

Budapest - Thank you

I had a nice time, learnt a lot about history. I met some cool people too.

Well there you go. Now it’s how many countries that I feel happier in compared to Denmark? BUT I must say the wages in Hungary are LOW AS A MFer.

I spoke to a guy who did the same job as me in London and he said he earns 14 euro a day!!!!!!!!! WHAT? I was earning about 11.5 euro an HOUR!!? It’s hard to digest. I know the cost of living in hungary is lower but still. In a month he makes just under 400 euros, and I made about 1600 around about. That 4 times as much.

I felt kinda wierd then. No wonder people want to relocate. Potato Gulash and white peppers yum!

Also Hungarian people differ. I’m not sure how to explain it. I suppose most people are fairly kind, the women are kinder though. But then you have some people who are moody as hell. (Of course you had the drunks too.)

As for the way people looked. I never knew that Hungary was occupied by the Mongols and the Ottomans. Many people don’t look so slavic either, it was like a mix between whatever the Austrians are, whatever the romanians are and some people looked a little asain too. I’m not refering to people who are Asian, they have migrants from Asian countries, that’s obvious. And I’m not referring to gypsies either. A guy in my class, who I now realise looks quite hungarian, resembled a lot of people there…. I’m gonna ask him about it. haha

The spirit of the place seemed kinda of, oppressed, I dunno how else to put it. It’s a huge city, beautiful nature, architecture, the river… But still it felt like there was something sad in the air. That didn’t make sense to me. Often (for me) places have feelings, Vienna for example… Austria as a whole seems quite eery, well at least the east.

Anyway I had forgot my camera in Vienna and I had to use my webcam from my fat laptop on a open top sightseeing tourbus with grey clouds in the sky and wind blowing. So forgive the picture quality.

Honor? Payback….? the baiting of bitches and bastards


One down and then one up.

I find it funny, that a person can treat another with such disregard and dismissal on the bounds of not even the fickle,  and then have the audaciousness to boldly ask for a favour… from that SAME person now that the tables are turned.

Funny…. but then again I can’t laugh. I can’t find humour in a real life dishonourable person. Someone so conceited they can’t see past their own nose. And if you think lessons that lie in the story of Pinocchio…

Actions like that are repugnant. You can literally smell the lack of honour.

It disgusts me so much.

Inside the conscious receiver of the new situation… there a battle within the self, to maintain integrity and be the “better man”. Or, opt to teach a lesson in how underhandedness will eventually leave you without a single helping hand to aid you when in need.

Life is a lesson… sometimes we have to teach a little.

Speaking clearly now: The older I grow the more disgusted I am with the behaviour of people. The religion is so deeply is it rooted within the psyche of today’s man that. Sociopathy is the way of life. To hate those who you consider beneath you and adore those often self-exhaled above.

This deeply rooted hierarchy. So wilfully accepted. IT’s so powerful that it blinds someone from their previous actions…memory lapses. It’s so second nature that they can’t even remember… or worse so, it’s so natural they liken it to blinking or breathing.

That scares me. And if that is the future we are FINISHED. If we aren’t already.

Simply put: Fuck you bitch… remember how you treated me… ? Shit, fuck away from me and go fuck yourself. If your that stupid and ignorant to think I would help you now,  you better thank me for not stringing you out and fucking your whole life up.

… yes that was a rant.


Good news, bad news…. news is news, New - information. It’s how you evaluate it on perception that matters…

Well, so much has happened this month.

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OMG…. rip Mr Williams, I really hope your spirit is finally at peace.

— …

Longing to hate

I miss you…

I’m sitting here trying to get myself to hate you,

Instead you’ve got me mixed up hating the fact that I miss you so much.

Why can’t I hate you?

I suppose it’s hard to hate something that you yearn for…