Map En londoner i ... rAndoM placEs

En londoner i ... rAndoM placEs

I love this….. seriously.

I think the singer is Jane Handcock.

We got a cat to scare the mouse, only to find out the cat is scared of mice….

— life lol



I think the people who may read this blog already know, I’m fairly OCD and not all the way there. LOL

BUT that’s besides the point. - don’t judge me…. harshly.

You know I go through my muse’s (obsessions) the most recent one being Adrian Marcel. His music is wonderful, so soothing. Check him out if you don’t know.

Amazing music is generally not enough for me to like an artist, their personality matters too… I find myself wanting to know if I can believe what the person is refering to in their songs. I’m giving them my ears to affect my subconcious, I need to know who the message is coming from.

So I watched some interviews and the dude seemed really grounded.

Then I started listening to more music and I really started to like him as an artist. So I said, let me track this dude on social media and see how he’ll develop.

Then I spazed out OCDed and started reading old tweets and shit. -People who have ocd may understand.

BY the way!!! Social media is the devil. I’m thinking all the info I’ve put online. The internet may be the only thing that knows me better than me even. We willingly publish everything here…. damn. But whilst I was spazing out I found out about how much effort he put into getting where he is.

Also, I think for artist like him, you know he’s supposed to be a sensual rnb dude with all the ladies after him. It must be hard to manage your personal life with all the fevour of being an up and coming artist. I really wish him the best of luck epecially considering his situation and I’ll be following his career for sure, it’s really nice to hear some fresh classic rnb music.

That reminds me, when is Miguel’s next album dropping?

By the way, I  really wanna blurt out what I found out, lol I think people in his circle know already. It’ll come out soon…. I think. Ooooh, I’m struggling. So cute…. like, I melt inside when I see things like that. I’m happy for him.

Wait… does this mean I’m a stalker? -_-

Room mates episode 4


Well today everything managed to sort it’s self out.

The 2 eastern dudes moved in with eachother and the afgan dude is now happy the living room is free.

SO I have my room back.

God works FAST. .

Now I’ve learnt to express my problems, it helps to voice them out you never know who might show up to help solve it.

Anyway I’m still weary about the Afgan dude. I took the stuff from the centre room so they’re probably pissed. And I’ll have to pay my rent in full and pay the dude back half the rent for the month. 

But tis cool though. I;m just gonna hibernate in my room. My OCD was off the chain yesterday, I’ve had 2 hours of sleep and I feel like birdpoop. 


.. Seriously someone is helping me out and I’m thankful. 

I always say, fate so far has been generous to me…. so I’ve got to share the blessings. Even if internally I’m conflicted and angry. It’s times like this reminds me that I owe it to something greater to do good deeds here and there. 


OH MY DAYZ!!!! Room mates episode 3

SHIIIIT!!! What have they let live with us???

Dude told me to talk with him right, and incourse he said when do u usually shower…. and I told him thinking, well if we may be sharing a room, maybe he should know.

ok….. so then after finding out, I got to the bathroom, and magically the lock stops working. I clock and I’m light…

hold up, what this worked when I last used it about 10 mins ago,

it’s 2AM, only 2 of us are awake.

And then I’m like… oh wow the lock is broke, did you know about it, and he “tries to fix it” he “fails” and I’m thinking, ok… let me try, and he says don’t worry about it no one will come in.

So I respond, hold up, what do you mean, I may shower for life 30 mins and I dont feel comfortable with the door unlocked.

So he tries again and it’s magically fixed.

Now he keeps walking around like a wierdo.

Dude thinks he is clever.

Peeping tom, I don’t trust this dude at all, infact im kinda scared. Not really of him, but what he is capable of doing. Damn…. He’s messed up my plans you know what that means.

I’m gonna make his life here feel like shit.

I’m not sleeping tonight.

Seriously if he thinks he is crazy……

Now I have to tell the dude I made the arrangement with that we have to call the whole thing off. And that he has to move out.

FUCK that!


After all that how am I supposed to concentrate on all these applications now?????

— _- sigh.

Roommates episode 2

So as I was doing my much awaited homework and other stuff my house mate asked to talk to me. It seeems that the arrangement I made isn’t agreeing with him.

So what to do….

His remedy is that I leave the shared area and sleep in his room. -_-





Soooo, now I have to spend nights sleeping in the same room as this dude.

What if I get raped and pregnant? What if….  he kills me, or injects heroin into my spleen?

All these things are running through my head.

Although he implied that, he would report me if I didn’t so now it’s like….

cut rent costs and be extreemly uncomfortable, especially with my OCD self sharing a room with a 30 year old afgan dude. Who although seems nice is still a damn stanger to me.

Or kick my other room mate out of my old room, and pay full rent.

When I wa created I got genes from my mum and my dad, I took all of my dad’s cheapness genes.

It looks like I’m buddying up with this dude.

LY fricking LYFE.

HAHAHAHHAA, I’m laughing because it’s funny. And he commented on my clothes. My fashion sense is really that bad. Seriously.


Wow. This is an interesting experience. How many months is it.

Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec 4 months.

Yeap…. -_-

*Gadvide slowly gets up, she picks up a huge knife and cuts her……

self a slice of cake*

It’s gonna take a lot of cake to get through this.

And I’ve been loosing weight nicely. Goodbye waist line.

Hello despressional obesity.