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En londoner i ... rAndoM placEs

The Österreich…. a Summer in Austria?



Any tips? Or anyhting I should lookout for or do?

Soooo, it’s almost offical. I should be going to der die oder das Österreich‎ this summer. I started taking german classes and really going for it. I really want to improve my german level. I suppose I’m B1 level which is low intermediate but I’m going to really try… infact at my restaurant job there are 3 people who speak german but I’m far to depressed to talk to anyone whilst I’m there. Eventually I will try to engage with them in conversation, but by then they’d have labelled me the sour tots and won’t even want to talk to me again. Plus my conversation skills and interpersonal skills are now at Homersimpson retarded levels.

But, I digress.

I’ve never been to Austria and I suppose going will help me near finish my coverage of “western” europe, Austria is geographically in the centre but whatever. All that’s left after that is Iceland and Norway. Which aren’t too far from Denmark… and shamefully Ireland. 

You’d think I’d be excited… and I can’t say that I really am….

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Typical WORK day

Ok so I have two jobs right…student, two jobs foreign country = abrupt surprising untriggered moments of depression.

Typical work day at the HARD job… A runner/dishwasher in a Restaurant.

So what is a runner?

A restaurant runner is called as such because she is normally expected to move fast to provide support to the wait and kitchen staffs. Anything to expedite service and keep the restaurant’s operations on track is typically required of a restaurant runner. From emptying the kitchen trash to delivering bread and wine to patrons, a good restaurant runner is imperative to the success of a busy food service operation.

This is the most zest destroying job/activity I’ve ever done. Plus the physicality of it and the fact that It’s just soul destroying. But you’ve got to do what you have to do.

  • My job is about 45km away so I have to wake up at 6am.
  • Leave at 7:20
  • Get to work 9:15
  • Take a “nap” till 10:50
  • Start work 11:00
  • At work the first few hours go by relatively fast until 3pm then it’s as slow as a snail.
  • At 4pm they start to close down the buffet, I’m hungry as heck so I scavenge through the remains of the buffet especially because I know I won’t like the mayo/vinegar drenched food they’ll give me at “lunch/dinner”
  • Dinner at 5pm, there is an 80% chance I’ll hate it. I hate it so I make it look like I’ve eaten a lil.
  • 5:15pm my feet hurt even more I’ve taken a break. So I’m pissed but I carry on.
  • 6, 7 and 8pm go by soooo slowly it’s unimaginable. My feet are killing me and the restaurant gets busier, then my colleagues start asking me why I’m so moody. Well I work 2 jobs, my feet hurt, tomorrow I have school and my other job and what not and I’m still broke. But they don’t want me to say all that they just want me to smile and be jolly. But I can’t I respond with, I’m cool… just tired and return to my stone facedness.
  • 10:00 the kitchen closes down. And the customers are still in so I can’t go home because there are still loads of plates out. And I’m thinking WTF… GO HOME. 10:30 customers go home. I’m happy as f’. My mood changes but I still have to wash all the kitchen stuff and clean up.
  • 11pm I’m ready to go home but the last bus has gone so I’m waiting for my college with the car who is drinking a beer and smoking a fag for almost an hour and I’m just there waiting and trying to be invisible.
  • 11:45pm we are in the car going home. I come home at between 12 am to 1am. I shower have a mini rant to myself about how much I hate the system and this country because somehow I’ve deemed that my misery is the countries fault and then I sleep.

7am… up for school…. 


Danish Weather

People are affected by the weather but it seems like Danish people are super-heavily affected by weather.

Yesterday it was raining and I sware people were so mean and pissed. Even though it was a hoiliday.

Today the sun is out and I can’t even tell you how many people have smiled at me.

You’d think because rain is normal here people would be used to it… I guess not.

The weather is a powerful thing.



  • Wake up:05:30am
  • Get ready, and leave at: 6:10
  • Run for the bus because I’m always running for the bus. Get the bus 95% of the time.
  • Get to the bus stop, change buses, meet skating buddies.
  • Ice rink: 7:00am
  • Skate for an hour and rush to school to be there at 8:30
  • Change buses… cycle the rest of the journey to school with that shitty bike get to school 08:40
  • Try and concentrate… learn till 9:50am
  • Rush to work with shitty bike almost killing me, bike breaks down (at one point I’m usuing it as a scooter) get to work late so abandon bike… rip bikey 10:10am
  • Work and concentrate untill lunch time 11:40am
  • Rush to the staffroom get and some fruit the run to the bus stop no bike so can’t cycle back to school so I have to be fast, arrive at school 12:00pm
  • Buy bread and get to class (start to feel the pain from falling on my combination spin): 12:05
  • School finishes: 15:30
  • Stay in school to leech off the internet, leave before sunset: 18:00 - 20:00
  • Get home, eat watch econmic video downloads and then sleep 22:00 - 02:00
  • Or stay up the whole night because of insomnia.

Thursday…. life